All recipes as presented are scaled for about 4 equal servings.

For ingredients without specified quantities or measures, amounts are deliberately nonspecific and left to personal tastes and preferences. Their inclusion is necessary but the quantity used is at the reader’s discretion.

Cooking times may vary depending on individual equipment used, the quality or freshness of ingredients, and location and elevation. Soups are presented as recommended but changes and experimentation are encouraged as per personal taste.

Many dishes contain dairy elements for thickening or a creamy flavor, but substitutions among cream, half-and-half, whole milk, condensed milk, almond or soy milk work equally well at the cook’s discretion. Half-and-half is most often used here for personal preference.

Recipes are categorized as vegetarian if they contain no direct animal protein, including seafood (excluding stock, eggs, pasta, cheese and dairy products). Soups listed as vegan contain no animal products or byproducts of any kind.

All dishes are original creations or interpretations of common or traditional recipes by the author, unless otherwise indicated. Recipes adapted from recognized sources will be fully credited.

Corrections or constructive changes are welcome and encouraged. Please share your mistakes and successes with everyone in the public comments section.